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The AFS was established in 1984 with Head Quarters in the Philippines and a few of us who were the founding members started the Indian Branch in the year 1986. The First Indian Fisheries Forum was held in 1987 in Mangalore which was a grand success. Since then, every three years, the AFS Indian Branch has been holding the Indian Forum successfully. In fact it is the only Branch of the AFS which has been holding the national event once in every 3 years with out any break. During the past 25 years, the Indian Fisheries Forum has made its presence as an established platform to share fisheries knowledge through conferences, seminars, brain storming, workshops, and publications to bring in to focus the recent issues in research, technology, development and policy.

Chairman's Message

Such of the organisations/ institutes interested in hosting the 11th IFF during 2017 are requested to send their bid offer to the Secretary, AFSIB Indian Branch, C/o College of Fisheries, Mangalore - 575002, Karnataka before 10 November, 2014. The bid can also be handed over during 10th IFAF at Lucknow on or before 12 November, 2014. The institute/ organisation will be chosen to hold the 11th IFF based on the bid amount quoted. The 10th IFAF was bagged by NFGBR, Lucknow by offering a price of Rs 10 lakh.

Past Achievements

Since its inception in the year 1986, the AFSIB has been active in many areas of fisheries development. The major achievements of the Indian branch are summarized below under 15 heads.

1. THE TRIENNIAL INDIAN FISHERIES FORUM 1987, 1990, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011.

Commencing in 1987, till now the AFSIB has conducted 9 Indian Fisheries Forum at various locations successfully. All these were well attended and the Branch was able to bring together researchers, students, technocrats, policy makers, entrepreneurs, fish farmers and public under one umbrella. It is gratifying to note that proceedings of all Forum up to 2008 have been brought out . The IFF has become a much awaited event and the largest gathering of fisheries professionals in the country.


Numerous seminars and workshops have been conducted by the branch on many topical issues such as Exotic Species, Freshwater Prawn, Reservoirs, Ovaprim, Fisheries Education, the details of which are presented elsewhere. The proceedings of all workshops have been published.

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