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Dr. J. K. Jena

Deputy Director General (Fisheries)
Indian Council of Agricultural Research
New Delhi

Vice Chairman
Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan

CMFRI, Ernakulam North P.O., Kochi-682 018. Ernakulam

Vice Chairman
Dr. B.A. Shamasundar

Former Professor & Head,
Dept of Fish Processing Technology, College of Fisheries Mangalore 575002

Dr. P. Keshavanath

Former Dean,
College of Fisheries Mangalore 575002

Dr.Girisha S.K

Asst. Professor,
Dept of Fisheries Microbiology,
College of Fisheries Mangalore 575002


Dr. G. Jeyasekaran

Director of Research, Tamil Nadu Fisheries University,
First Line Beach Road,Nagapattinam
Tamil Nadu

Dr. Satyen Kumar Panda

Senior Scientist, CIFT, Matsyapuri P. O, Cochin-682029, Kerala

Dr. Mridula Rajesh

Asst. Professor, Department of Fisheries Resources and Management, College of Fisheries, Mangalore-575002, Karnataka

Dr. P. K. Pradhan

Senior Scientist, NBFGR, anal Ring Road, P.O. Dilkusha, Lucknow - 226 002 U.P

Industry-Interface Task Force

Members Dr. Santhana Krishnan- Convener , Dr. Srinivas Gopal, Mr. Sandip Ahirao


  • Increase industry members in AFS and promote active participation of industry in AFS events
  • Gather information on industry requirements and bring them to the attention of researchers and development professionals through suitable platforms
  • Link Indian Industry with AFS and help in expanding business opportunities through participation in triennial events of AFS
  • Explore new ideas to bring greater interaction between industry and Society

Events / Publications Task Force

Members Dr. Gopala Krishnan-Convener, Dr. Rina Chakrabarti, Dr. V. Kripa, Dr. K.Dinesh , Dr. Rekha Nair


  • Identify appropriate events which the Society can organize on its own or collaborate or extend technical support
  • Pursue for publishing the outcome of Society events in peer reviewed journals
  • Institute an e-newsletter to reach a wider audience periodically. This news letter can be a main vehicle to communicate accomplishments of members in professional career , publication of research news of members , etc. Newsletter would aim to increase bondage between members and Society
  • First quarter newsletter to appear during April, 2012. Committee should aim at timely publication, irrespective of quantum of news.

Policy, Innovations, task management Task Force

Members Dr. M.C. Nandeesha-Convener , Dr. Mohan Joseph Dr. J.K.Jena, Dr. Vasudevappa, Dr. B.A. Shamasundar, P. Krishnan, Dr. Syda Rao


  • Develop a vision document for the AFSIB and develop a strategic plan for three years 
  • Contribute to the national policy on fisheries education, research and development
  • Provide necessary information to States that can help them to invest more in fisheries sector
  • Innovate ideas that can make AFSIB to be recognized for its science-based programs
  • Explore ways for enriching the triennial Indian Fisheries Forum scientifically
  • Conduct skill-audit of the members and explore ways for involving them in various activities of the Society.
  • Ensure quarterly compilation of report from all the task force and present to the Ex.Com and a report to general membership

Digital Task Force

Members Dr. Mohan Joseph Modayil-Convener , Dr. V. Kripa, Dr. B.B. Nayak


  • Develop an information-rich and interactive website for AFSIB
  • Develop an e-newsletter for AFSIB   
  • Ensure all publications deposition on website in digital format and create a digital repository for the Society’s publications, events, etc and place them in the website.
  • Build a data base of all the Office Bearers of the past 9 councils, encourage them to join Society as members and participate in silver jubilee function    

Membership and Resource Generation Task

Members Dr. Shamsundar-Convener ,Dr. Mridula Rajesh, Dr. Vasudevappa , Dr. "Dr. Nammalvar Rajan" Dr. Asha Langde


  • Generate financial resource for the society exploring innovative waysand contribute for improving the financial health of the Society
  • Pursue membership drive vigorously to enhance the membership of the society under various categories (Target by 2012 : a minimum of 300 members). Provide quarterly update to AFSIB Ex.COM on the membership status with list of new members recruited in the quarter.  
  • Maintain the accounts of the society and post the half-yearly income and expenses statement on the website and provide income –expense statement to AFSIB executive Committee every quarter
  • Ensure preparation and filing of annual audit reports

Awards Committee

Members Dr. N. Basavaraja – Convener , Dr. Mridula Rajesh , Dr. A.Y Desai, Dr. Manja Naik


  • Build a database of all the award winners of the Society and ensure participation of all award winners presence in the silver jubilee event.
  • Explore innovative ways to improve the linkage between the society and the awardees.
  • Ensure all awards for the 10th Council duration are done upholding the society’s tradition of objectivity and fairness.
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